February 5, 2023

When Is an Asbestos Survey Necessary?

Visual identification alone is never sufficient to determine the presence or lack of asbestos particles in building materials like brick, tiles, sheetrock, insulation, ceiling materials, and roofing materials. Only an Asbestos Surveylondon, which includes a laboratory test and visual identification of the asbestos-containing materials, can properly identify and measure asbestos particles in building material. However, visual identification alone cannot determine whether asbestos is present or not.

Only after laboratory tests are performed and an asbestos survey report is generated can a company determine whether a certain type of floor tile or insulation is contaminated with asbestos. Usually, public building inspectors do not perform an asbestos survey of commercial structures. Instead, they rely on the information provided by the owners of the structure to determine if there is any danger to their health from the asbestos-containing materials found in the building.

Companies that need to conduct an asbestos survey of their premises before performing any repair work for one of their clients will first submit a request to the client. In most cases, the owner of the building must first submit a written declaration stating that he/she is aware of the possible risks from the presence of asbestos in the property. The owner then submits a sample of airborne samples taken from inside and outside the building to the ACM for analysis. If there are suspected asbestos particles in the sample, then the samples are collected and taken to the ACM lab for analysis. Based on the results of the analysis, the company will suggest whether further sampling is needed or not.

Most laboratories perform both airborne and non-airborne sampling of asbestos fibers. It is then up to the inspectors to decide what type of sample should be collected and analyzed. Samples from materials that have not been exposed to asbestos fibers yet are usually the best sources of data. The samples gathered from areas that were exposed to the fibers yet are in good structural condition are the best choices in determining the level of asbestos exposure among various building materials that are placed inside the building.

There are two types of asbestos surveys available to companies. The first type involves only the removal of asbestos from buildings that are already constructed. The second type requires the construction company or the homeowner to hire a certified asbestos survey contractor to conduct a special inspection before beginning any construction work. It is important to remember that certified contractors conducting the special inspection are bound by law to follow strict guidelines to ensure compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations. Moreover, the results of the survey are submitted to OSHA for evaluation and follow-up.

Management of asbestos-containing materials is a complex task because the fibers could travel long distances inside buildings. Companies need to remember that even when buildings were constructed without any asbestos-containing materials, it is still possible for the deadly particles to enter the air.

Asbestos insulation is one of the most common ways for this to happen because many buildings are not properly sealed. In addition, asbestos products usually contain smaller particles that are easier to transport than larger ones. To ensure proper management, companies must hire a certified asbestos survey contractor to conduct regular inspections of different kinds of buildings inside the office or home.

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