March 25, 2023

What You Should Know About Medicare Supplement Plans: Plan J (Medigap)

Should you keep your Medicare supplement Plan J or should you shop around for a different plan?  Medicare Supplement Plan J, also known as Medigap Supplement Plan J, is a Medicare supplement plans insurance policy that pays for some expenses that are not covered by the regular Medicare benefits package. Plan J, however, is no longer available for purchase (effective May 31, 2010). (As of May 31, 2010, this is the case). The plan, on the other hand, will continue to be in effect for people who were enrolled in it before the first of June, 2010. In addition, there is a $250 annual deductible to be aware of.

What Is Included In Plan J

Plan J, like all other Medicare Advantage or Medigap Insurance plans, provided coverage for certain gaps in Medicare Part A and B coverage, as well as some additional benefits. This includes the following:

  • at-home rehabilitation
  • The quality of care provided by skilled nursing facilities
  • When traveling abroad, you may require emergency care; you may incur additional Part B rates or expenses.
  • Medicare co-insurance (Part B) (Part B) • Part A and B deductibles preventative care that Medicare does not pay for up to $120 • Medicare co-insurance (Part B) (Part B)

What isIs Not Covered By The Insurance Policy

Per the Centers for Medicare Supplement Plans 2023 and Medicaid Services, Medicare Supplement Plan J does not cover any of the following health-related issues:

  • dental treatments, including cleanings and extractions; eyeglasses; amplification devices for the hearing impaired; long-term care in a nursing home; home health care; and ophthalmic care
  • The bottom line is that Plan J was scrapped due to the urgent necessity to modernize every component of Medicare’s insurance system.

Possibility of Non-Existence Assumption

Plan J, according to popular perception, was terminated by default since it provided two benefits that overlapped with those provided by Plan F, the most comprehensive MA/Medigap plan available. Plan J has two key advantages over Plan F: the ability to recover at home and the ability to provide proactive care. Because of a lack of utilization, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have decided to discontinue their use and funding. Plan J was forced to be canceled as a result of this.

Things To Consider

Existing Plan J policyholders who are not impacted by the following will be subject to a “closed block of business,” which means that no new plans will be offered after the June 1st eligibility deadline has been reached. As a result of the foregoing, premiums for Plan J are projected to increase. However, while this may appear to make sense to some, the impact on current policyholders has yet to be fully assessed. The advantages and prices of current Medigap policies should be compared to see whether there is a better deal available for those who are now covered by Plan J. It may come as a surprise to them that they can save money while receiving the same benefits as Plan J.

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