April 12, 2024

Yes, you are willing to be a part of this competition, where more and more brands keep popping up every day. How can you make your business stand out as a complete unique brand name? Designing a proper website will make this task a whole lot easier for you to handle. Well, it is always important to catch up with the best website designers, to create a website. A little bit of deep research is all that you need for enhancing the look and value of the website by choosing the right designer at your side.

Now, the first thing that comes to your mind while selecting web designer will be the cost of hiring his service. Well, focusing on the major point during this stage is important.

How much will it cost?

Now, it is hard to pinpoint an exact amount that you need to pay website designer for designing your content. It solely depends on the kind of website you want to achieve, the number of pages to be included and the features involved with the same.

  • Generally speaking, the web designer is here to charge around $75 per hour.
  • A business website might potentially cost somewhere between $5000 and $10,000.
  • The average cost for setting up, designing, building and creating content for basic website will be somewhere around $6760. 
  • The given figure might further include the maintenance and also the training of the clients to use the website in the best possible manner.

After-care costing should be included:

The cost of web designing is different and there is a separate after-care costing available with the same source. In this package, the web designer is going to charge a bit extra for taking care of the website and then making changes when needed, to keep the website up to date.


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