December 6, 2022

CompanyTRAK Launches Enterprise Solution, a message Tracing, Social Distancing Solution

Sqwirrel LLC, a Michigan company, is promoting patent-pending technology utilizing a mix of enterprise mobile phone applications, with Bluetooth tags and scanners to create employees to their workplace known as “CompanyTRAK”. The contact tracing technology supplies a safe method of getting employees to work, have them conscious of social distancing and alert these to possible perils of exposure from symptomatic, positive tested and uncovered employees. CompanyTRAK helps HR and internal health care professionals manage contact with COVID inside their company and also to isolate all uncovered individuals.

CompanyTRAK follows worker interaction along with other employees from the moment they go into the building using Geofencing technology. “We first announced our public solution, ViralTRAK in April,” based on Varchasvi Shankar, President & Chief executive officer of CompanyTRAK, “where I could give an in-depth summary of the general public application inside a featured segment on WXYZ Funnel 7, an ABC local affiliate. If the people test positive, they just press a control button within the application. All of the application people who’ve been within the CDC suggested safety distance previously 14-times of that member who tested positive could be notified of possible exposure.”

CompanyTRAK utilizes a proprietary, advanced location services model plus technology add-ons without collecting any private information. The answer identifies which employees happen to be inside the CDC suggested parameters from the self-reported symptomatic or positive tested employees more than a 14-day period. It identifies secondary and primary exposure, that is unique to CompanyTRAK. The Admin Portal helps company HR along with other approved personnel to handle employees with daily PPE and temperature checks that employees have to follow.

The social distancing solution went from ideation to completely functional in a couple of days, utilizing our existing technology framework and platform solutions. We’re trying to develop additional use cases to assist companies return to work and their workers safe.

“Using CompanyTRAK contact tracing technology helps employees feel safe and maintains the present social distancing rules. We’re focusing on methods to bring this with other industries including hospitals and schools,” stated Ray Drzala, Marketing Director. “We’re being familiar with growing government needs and company needs once we continue conversations about our solution.”

CompanyTRAK is presently being tested at multiple sites and on Apple and Android Enterprise Application Stores for corporations. “This solution might help us return just a little nearer to normal and aid considerably running a business continuity to recognize uncovered employees within companies,” stated Varchasvi Shankar, President & Chief executive officer. You’ll find more details CompanyTRAK.

How It Operates

Using Contact Tracing and Social Distancing, our patent pending , dual verication technology traces your employees’ path and phone along with other employees using a mix of Gps navigation and BLE Technologies.

Our formula manages and traces a genuine interaction to inform you and also mark employees as uncovered.

We track worker secondary and primary exposure and inform both you and your employees when another worker they have been in touch with self-reports as getting signs and symptoms or tests positive.

CompanyTRAK for businesses

Get employees to work securely

Understand whenever your employees have experienced an exposure so when there’s been interaction with uncovered or COVID-19 positive employees

Select number of uncovered employees could be quarantined rather from the whole ofce

Geofencing available choice for ofce structures and manufacturing plants

Application Personalization available

CompanyTRAK for Schools

Take the students to your campus

Know when students and teachers have experienced an exposure so when there’s been interaction with uncovered or COVID-19 positive students or staff

Geofencing available choice for your school grounds

Application Personalization available

CompanyTRAK for Hospitals

Get the employees back to work inside a safe atmosphere.

Prevent exposure for Hospital employees and staff

Trace worker interaction with infected or uncovered patients or equipment (beds) by way of technology

Trace incoming visitors through badging or temporary application access

Geofencing available choice for structures or campus

Application Personalization available

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